Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

What is an arm lift?

Brachioplasty or an ‘arm lift’ is a specialized procedure performed to re-shape patients upper arms. This is done by removing excess skin, and fat, to produce the look of smoother skin, and a shapely upper arm. 

What will it do?

An arm lifts purpose is to tighten the skin and improve the shape and musculature of the upper arms. This allows the surgeon to reconstruct the shape of the upper arm while removing pockets of fat.

What are the potential risks and complications?

No matter how routine, any surgery is risky, and has the potential for complications to occur. Some potential risks and complications associated with arm lift surgery include heavy bleeding (blood transfusions are possible), infections, and blood clots or complications from blood clots. You may also experience pain, swelling and bruising around the surgical site. Some people take longer to heal, especially those that smoke, or suffer from diabetes.
Risks that are possible with arm lift surgery include noticeable and major scaring called keloids and hypertrophic scars. These scars are thick with raised edges and commonly form over healed incisions. While they are annoying, unsightly, and may itch, they are of no threat to your health. You may also experience some Numbness at the sites that will gradually fade. The skin around the area may feel tight, collect excess fluid, or ooze fatty discharge.

What do I need to do after surgery?

Next your surgery, dressings or bind ups may be applied to your scratches. You may be enclosed in an elastic bandage plus a compression garment to minimise swelling as well as to support your process site as it cure. Your surgeon may feel you need to take a few days off work to rest. The surgeon will most likely want you to avoid heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, and taxing sports as well.
You will receive specific instructions on post-operative care. They will include caring for your incision site(s), medications needed, things to watch for, likely indications of a problem and when to follow up with your surgeon.

Will I have scarring?

Yes, no matter how competent or careful the surgeon is the surgery result in visible scars. It is up to your surgeon to try to limit length of each scar and its location.