Tuberous (Breast Correction)

What is Tuberous?

Tuberous breasts the result of a congenital abnormality. It can occur in both men and women, and be confined to one breast or both. During puberty the development of the breast(s) is hindered causing the breasts to develop normally. This results in a breast that looks like an elongated tube. The lack of supportive tissue cases them to droop and sag. The areola and nipple take on an engorged swollen appearance, so the areola appears to be a disconnected lump on the breast mound. tuberous breast correction can repair this problem.

What is the procedure?

By using a combination of breast lift surgery, tissue expansion and implants the surgeon is able to re-sculpt the breast and give it a more pleasing shape. Breast lift surgery eliminates loose skin and helps to reshape the breasts. Tissue expansion is done by inserting a balloon under the skin, inflating it, and allowing the overlying skin to stretch naturally. Breast implants are then surgically implanted below the breast tissue to further enhance both the shape and size of the breasts.

What are the risks of tuberous breast correction?

As with any types of surgery, there are risks and complications associated with this procedure. Always discuss these and any other issues that might concern you with your doctor at the time of consultation. Common complaints after tuberous breast correction include a loss of sensitivity, scarring, or breasts that are not aesthetically pleasing.